Collectors Stash - Darkslide86

Straight from Germany, our man known as Darkslide86 share with us his personal stash of Savier. 

Darkslide86, is well known on instagram for having a great collection of all vintage skate stuff related. From OG shoes to apparel, our good friend has some nice Savier stuff. 

Here you can see some pieces he shared with us a Brian Anderson backpack, the one with the CD player neoprene pocket, a selection of catalogs and some Staba promodel and Sherman kicks.

The guy has a lot more stuff like marketing pieces to show Savier tech and so... If you like vintage, Tony Hawk Pro Skater and skate shoes, take a look at his account @Darkslide86 on instagram. You won't be disappointed !

If you want to be featured on our Collectors Stash, drop us a mail with your name or instagram alias, your location and of course photos of your collection : !